Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen helps elderly man at scene of car accident

There has been plenty of bad news for the NFL this offseason, so it's nice to hear a positive story out of Charlotte.

There was a car accident on Monday, and it involved an elderly man. It so happened that Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen was in the area. So, according to the Charlotte Observer, he got out of his car and waited with the elderly man until the authorities arrived.

“Just was making sure he was OK ’til (the) cops got there,” Olsen said in a text message to the Observer. “Not a big deal.”

That wasn't Olsen's only good deed of the offseason. The Observer also said he donated $289,000 through his foundation to Levine Children's Hospital to "help families of pediatric heart patients pay for in-home care, physical therapy and speech therapy after they leave the hospital." Olsen's son T.J. was born last October with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which affects blood flow through the heart.

Even though Olsen helping the elderly man was "not a big deal," it's good to know there's some positive news happening around the league.

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