Careful, QBs: Ndamukong Suh knows how to Moonwalk

If you watch Detroit Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh(notes) in games, you'll quickly see that he's got a devastating array of effective pass-rush moves that have allowed him to lead all rookie defenders, and all defensive tackles, in sacks with 8.0. It turns out that in addition to the swim, rip and bull rush, Mr. Suh's also got moves on the dance floor.

Suh talked with ESPN's Chris McKendry on Tuesday morning's "SportsCenter" and explained why he was wearing a replica of the single sequined glove Michael Jackson used to wear -- he's part of a charity drive tied in with the upcoming "Michael Jackson: The Experience" game. Suh will autograph the glove he wore Tuesday, and that glove will be auctioned to benefit the Detroit Medical Center.

But enough of our yakkin' -- it's time for Mr. Suh to boogie!

"Me and my sister had all his videos on VHS," Suh told "Pretty much any time we were stuck in the house, we put the video on, dance to him, watch him. 'Thriller,' 'Beat It,' 'Bad,' just being able to go back and reminisce to those things. ... Definitely a huge Michael Jackson fan. Now to be older, to still be a fan of him, being able to work with that estate, not that many people can say that they've had an opportunity to have some connection to Michael Jackson."

Suh also said that he's got two sides to his personality -- there's the mellow guy who looked to help people off the field, and there's the quarterback-killing demon who's getting more and more attention from officials and opposing offensive lines. Will one of those quarterbacks ever see Suh blasting past an overmatched lineman with a few moves from the King of Pop?

A ridiculous assumption under most circumstances, but putting anything past Ndamukong Suh might be unwise.

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