Cam Cameron on being fired by the Ravens: ‘A brilliant move’

Ravens fans and Cam Cameron agree, the team firing him late in the season was brilliant.

If Cameron, the offensive coordinator who was fired on Dec. 10, is bitter about the Ravens making the Super Bowl after he was replaced, he's hiding it exceptionally well.

“It was a brilliant move,” Cameron told the New York Times. “Everyone on the team took a look in the mirror after that.”

Not too often you'll find a fired employee say that about his dismissal.

It is hard to argue it was the right move. Jim Caldwell had never called plays before, and he didn't have a great debut in a 34-17 loss to Denver in Week 15. But the Ravens offense came alive after that.

Baltimore destroyed the Giants 33-14 the next week, and in the playoffs Baltimore averaged 30 points in its three wins to take the AFC title. Quarterback Joe Flacco has taken a star turn this month, all with Caldwell calling the plays.

Cameron is handling it all very well. The Times' story talks about Cameron accepting that being fired is part of the business, and how he did things in the last month he hadn't had a chance to do while coaching, such as going on a bow-hunting trip with his 14-year-old son. He said he watched the Ravens' classic playoff win over the Broncos at an Irish pub in New York while on a trip with his wife.

Cameron had every reason to root for the Ravens to lose, but he is happy for their success.

“You can’t do anything but root for those guys,” he said.

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