The bus full of strippers outside Lions games might be illegal

Detroit police may soon take action to shut down The Booty Lounge, a bus that shows up before Detroit Lions home games and puts the "tail" back in tailgating.

The Booty Lounge is a mobile strip club that parks in the Eastern Market, a spot for tailgating near Ford Field. Patrons pay $10 to sit on one side of the bus, and the other side features a couple of mini-stages and poles where young women dance in various states of undress. All of this happens just feet away from dozens of other more traditional tailgates.

No one seems sure if the operation is legal or not, though. From the AP:

[Police spokeswoman Eren Stephens] said the department's chief, Ralph Godbee, thinks the arrangement is illegal, but that the department won't take action until it completes its investigation. The Lions' next home game is Oct. 10 against the Chicago Bears.

"We know the game is coming up and … we're looking into this whole operation," Stephens said.


David Draper, an attorney who represents more than a dozen strip clubs in Michigan but who does not represent the bus operators, said such establishments require a special license from the city. Still, bus operators might argue that movable venues are exempt and more akin to a "one-off" event such as a bachelor party at a hotel.

There will be shock and outrage from some, and that's understandable, because it's probably not a good thing to have children walking around the same parking lot where strippers are hanging out in their work clothes. A fellow should be able to take his daughter to a Lions game without having to explain to her why the lady in the panties and fish net stockings seems so gosh darn popular.

I'm having a hard time getting upset about it myself, though. It's like the third-worst thing I've heard about fans doing at NFL games this week.

The most surprising thing about The Booty Lounge is that I hadn't heard of or thought about this before. Attempts to combine men's two favorite hobbies are not new: the Lingerie Football League, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Coors Light twins commercials (complete with the NFL logo).

Even cheerleaders themselves. They're scantily clad women there for men to ogle while enjoying a football game. The only differences are that they don't offer lap dances or perform in a bus.

Here's the local news exposé that originally drew attention to the issue.