Burress's teammate, Steve Smith, was robbed at gunpoint

News comes out today that Steve Smith, teammate of Plaxico Burress, had a gun pointed at his head on November 25th in a robbery that took place inside his own gated community.

First things first: Smith is fine, and he played this weekend against the Redskins. He did lose a substantial amount of cash and jewelry, the amount of which is unknown. And no arrests have been made.

From there, of course, one wonders if this incident is what made Plaxico Burress feel like he needed to be strapped when he left his house on the night he ended up shooting himself in the thigh. Neither Smith or Burress have said so themselves, but one can't help but wonder.

Obviously, Smith and Burress spend a lot of time together, and have quite a bit in common, in terms of environment, stature, and social standing. If Smith is a high-profile enough guy to be targeted for a robbery, then Burress is even more so.

Maybe this changes some minds about Burress. Maybe some people hear this story and think, "Okay, maybe Plax does have reason to carry a gun."

I wouldn't be one of those people.

I'm just not convinced that having a gun makes you any safer. As evidence, I offer this: Steve Smith didn't have a gun, was robbed, and is walking around today, happy, healthy, and wealthy, though maybe slightly less wealthy than he was before. Plaxico Burress did have a gun, no one made any attempt to rob him, and today, he's got a bullet hole in his leg, is facing three-and-a-half years in prison, and potentially the end of his career.

So tell me, how did carrying a gun work out for Plax? Was he a lot safer?

To me, if the Smith incident influenced Plax to carry a gun, it's just another example of bad judgment on Plax's part. I feel terrible for Smith that he had to go through something like that, but in that situation, can we really say for sure that he's better off with a gun? I don't see any reason to believe that.

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