Buffalo’s Mario Williams suing to get back 10-carat engagement ring worth $785,000

Maggie Hendricks
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A Super Bowl ring isn't the only piece of jewelry on Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams' mind. The former Houston Texan is suing to get back an engagement ring from former fiancée Erin Marzouki.

According to a suit filed in the Harris County state district court in Texas, Williams gave Marzouki a 10.04 carat engagement ring worth $785,000 in February of 2012. When their relationship ended in January of 2013, Marzouki refused to give the ring back. The lawsuit alleges that Marzouki never intended to marry Williams, but was in a relationship with him just to acquire gifts. It also alleges she charged $108,000 to an American Express card he gave her, and $230,000 in other luxury items.

Both etiquette and laws dictate whether engagement rings should be returned. Emily Post says to give the ring back.

"If the engagement should be so unfortunate as to be broken off, the engagement ring and all other gifts of value must be returned," Post wrote in her 1922 book, "Etiquette."

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But Post also warned that a woman shouldn't receive a fur coat from her intended because it would start out their lives "on a false basis." Perhaps her advice isn't the best to consult. This dispute is already in court, so what does the law say?

It depends on the intent of the gift at the time it was given. If the ring is viewed as a gift, Williams may be out $785,000. Texas has taken circumstances of the break-up and ring-giving into account in past lawsuits. Williams' suit says Marzouki had agreed to return the ring if their engagement was broken.

Even if Williams gets the ring back, it's still going to be an expensive, public lesson that he could have learned from Beyoncé. Mario, only put a ring on it if you really, really like it.

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