Buccaneers reveal new helmet with (slightly) different logo

The Buccaneers and NFL Network spent the entire day Thursday hyping the big reveal of the team's new helmet and logo.

They promised it during the 8 p.m. Eastern showing of "Total Access," saying former Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp and current tackle Gerald McCoy would reveal it on the show. Then they said they wouldn't show it off until the end of the hour. It must have been something big, right?

Well, the flag on the helmet is big. Bigger, at least. The color looks a little sharper. And that's about it.

Oh, and a chrome face mask. Wow.

At least Sapp and McCoy seemed impressed.

“We want to know the Bucs are coming," McCoy said on the show. "Look how big the flag is.”

“And a more menacing skull," Sapp said.


It wasn't the return of Bucco Bruce (dang it) or a total overhaul for the first time since the team turned to the pewter look in 1997. Just a fairly minor tweak. It's not necessarily bad. It just didn't come close to loving up to the hype, unless changing from pewter to chrome face masks is your thing.

If you're really fired up about this "new look," it means one thing: You truly are missing NFL games to get excited about.

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