Browns vs. Bills Monday Night Live Blog

So maybe Browns vs. Bills isn't a dream matchup, but a lot of people weren't thrilled with last week's Arizona vs. San Francisco game, either, and that turned out to be oodles of fun. Tonight will be the same. Tonight's live blog comes with guaranteed oodles.

It looks like it'll be just myself and Mr. Pianowski for this evening's festivities. Mr. Behrens and Mr. Chase are ill, though Mr. Chase might be joining us later on. We welcome your comments, questions, and observations, and we'll be rolling out advice all night long. Most of it will be fantasy football-related, and coming from the brilliant fantasy mind of Scott Pianowski. But if you've got troubles in other areas of your life, I've got a Ph.D. in caring, and I'm here for you, too.

See you around 8:20.

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