Browns RB Trent Richardson named in lawsuit claiming assault of two women by his girlfriend

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson, the third pick in the 2012 NFL draft, has been named in a civil lawsuit (a complaint with jury demand) filed in the Common Pleas court of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The suit, brought by Krystal Jones and Kathleen Hunter, is against Richardson and his girlfriend, Severina Fatu. The suit also names Richardson's brother, Terrell, a former Louisiana-Lafayette defensive end, and two women identified only as "Jane Doe 1" and "Jane Doe 2."

According the document filed Friday afternoon, Jones and Hunter claim that they were verbally and physically abused at Richardson's Ohio home on Dec. 9, 2012. The Plaintiffs' attorney, Leif B. Christman, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Jones and Hunter were in Richardson's house, continuing a postgame celebration at the Rumors nightclub, when Jones asked about the whereabouts of Terrell Richardson. Trent Richardson told Jones that his brother did not want to speak to her, and asked her to leave. As Jones and Hunter were leaving, Richardson allegedly "became enraged" when the two women slammed a door and "disrespected his house." Then, according to the complaint, Trent Richardson slammed his fist onto the hood of Jones' car, causing $1,500 worth of damage.

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Then, per the complaint, Trent Richardson stood in the way of Jones' car and called for Fatu and the two Jane Does to come out and attack the two women in the car. The complaint alleges that Fatu opened the front passenger door of the car and began "pummeling" Hunter while Jones sat in the driver's seat. It is alleged that Fatu did so "acting on Trent Richardson's urging and obeying his commands."

Fatu then allegedly pulled Hunter from the car, and Fatu and the two Jane Does continued to beat Hunter -- again, allegedly at Richardson's urging. At this point in the complaint, Terrell Richardson re-enters, as the complaint states that "by their physical presence, their actions and their verbal urgings," Trent and Terrell Richardson led support and encouragement to the defendants, and allegedly gave the impression that "these two large, and formidable men would injure her as well."

Jones and Hunter were eventually able to drive out of the driveway -- they drove for a short distance, called the police, and sought emergency medical attention. Per the complaint, the Jones and Hunter suffered "lacerations and bruises of the face and body, injuries of the eye and soft tissue injuries that will be demonstrated at trial."

The complaint also alleges that Jones and Hunter have suffered "serious emotional harm, including embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety and mental distress."

Six total counts are brought in the complaint -- battery, assault, emotional distress, civil conspiracy, false imprisonment, and other civil torts. The complaint then seeks separate individual judgments against the defendants, including Trent Richardson, as well as punitive damages and award of attorney fees.

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Trent Richardson, who has two daughters, has no known criminal history. He rushed for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns on 267 attempts in his rookie campaign.

Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis said in a statement that the team is "aware of the situation, but will not comment at this time."

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