Browns bring back Bernie Kosar, but sadly, not to start at QB

Former quarterback Bernie Kosar is back with the Cleveland Browns, in a vague, nebulous, non-specific, "another set of eyes" role. He'll report directly to Browns owner Randy Lerner in some kind of advisory capacity.

It sounds a lot like the hiring of Sherm Lewis in Washington. The Browns, like the Redskins, have an offense that might struggle to score 30 points in 60 minutes on an empty field. In fact, Cleveland is one of the few teams that actually looks up to the Washington offense, as the Browns average 248.4 yards per game, while the Redskins are up near the magical 300 mark (admittedly, more magical for a baseball hitter than an entire NFL offense, but still).

Unfortunately for Kosar, his eyes were hired right before the Browns have to play the Steelers, who will almost certainly massacre the aimless Cleveland franchise. It could've been worse, though. Kosar could've been hired before Derek Anderson's(notes) 2-of-17 performance last week, which had to offend anyone who's ever been a professional quarterback. Or anyone who's ever held a football, really.

Cheap Browns jokes aside, though, perhaps Lerner sees this as a way to help his football team and to help a former Brown. Kosar's had some financial troubles recently, and will certainly welcome the paychecks.

And who knows, it just might work out brilliantly. Kosar is the guy who advised Lerner to hire Bill Belichick 11 years ago.

Gracias, PFT.

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