Broncos rookies find their clothes strewn about a hotel lobby

The chaotic sea of poorly-folded gym clothes you see above is actually the collective wardrobe of the Denver Broncos rookies. Why is it scattered about a hotel lobby? You'd have to ask the Denver Broncos veterans.

The picture was taken by Brock Osweiler, himself a rookie Bronco. It was accompanied by this tweet:

Pranksters in the hotel 2nite! Any guesses on which position group threw all the rookies clothes down into the lobby?

I'm going to say that this looks like the work of defensive backs. Osweiler never answered the question on Twitter, so we're left to guess. I suppose it's not going to matter a whole lot when all the rookies have to go down there and sort clothes for an hour. I bet about six guys will claim the sweet Zubaz pants in the bottom left.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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