Broncos, Jaguars official Twitter accounts get snippy over scoring prowess

Twitter wars are always interesting viewing. Especially when they involve official NFL team accounts.

The Denver Broncos won again Sunday and touted their 51-point outbreak (though failed to mention the 48 they allowed) with a tweet that any journalist or fan could have pointed out, and might have.

A few notes here ... The 5-0 Broncos played the Dallas Cowboys Sunday. The 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars played the St. Louis Rams the same day. One thing had nothing to do with another.

However, the Fighting Gus Bradleys are traveling to Denver in Week 6 for what is believed to be the highest line Vegas ever has witnessed. Nothing like kicking the cats' cage a little. The Jaguars' Twittermeister hissed back.

To which the Broncos retorted with a Lebowski-esque "calmer than you are" approach.

This won't have a single impact on Sunday's game, but it's interesting to watch unfold. So far, neither account has deleted their tweets. Maybe they realize that this battle could be far more competitive than Sunday's contest will be. In that case, we thank you.

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