British teens trying to figure out the NFL are flat-out ridiculous

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Look, we all know that teenagers are morons. Nice, usually, and well-meaning, but still morons. (To any teenagers reading this: you are. Deal with it. You'll think the teens of tomorrow are morons, too.) So to hear them talk about anything is hysterical, but when they start trying to discuss something they know nothing about? Hilarity, as these British teens demonstrate.

Welcome to a discussion of the "National Football Legion," a game that's "sort of like rugby" where "men in really big armor sort of throw themselves at each other." They "run around the field, pick up a ball, get hurt and shout." Each team features a "quarterback and a catch person." As for the Super Bowl? They summed it up in one word: "Beyonce."

Also, these kids apparently think Jack Bauer, Jose Canseco and George Costanza are football players. But their ignorance is, in some ways, enviable: they have no idea what a "Tebow" is.

Hey, you may laugh, but these kids are already better at NFL discussion than most former players masquerading as announcers. And how well would you do discussing their favorite sport? You know, that one where they kick the little ball around for-freaking-ever and everybody flops like they've been shot? What do they call that?

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