Brian Hoyer does in first half what Brandon Weeden wishes he could do

Shutdown Corner

Maybe the Cleveland Browns should put Brian Hoyer on the trade block.

Starting for an injured Brandon Weeden — everyone's favorite quarterback in Cleveland — Hoyer torched the Minnesota Vikings for two early touchdown throws, one of them to Josh Gordon in his first game of the season.

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Who'd have thought it would be an early shootout — Hoyer at Christian Ponder?

Now we know why Hoyer got the start over Jason Campbell, Weeden's de facto backup.

Then, as the ultimate slap in the face of Weeden, field-goal holder Spencer Lanning threw for the third TD of the first half, on a fake.

Oh, those tricky Browns. Always thinking. But do we consider this an aberration or a sign that Hoyer actually can play? In a week in which the franchise running back was traded and just about everyone else appears able to be dealt, perhaps we need to wait this one out just a bit.

Especially after Hoyer was picked at the end of the first half, then again early in the second half on the Browns' first drive and once more inside the Vikings' red zone that led to the game-tying score. Brian Hoyer, this is your career in 60 minutes!

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