Brian Dawkins surprises groom-to-be as the best wedding gift ever

Ladies! Looking for a great pre-wedding gift for your groom-to-be? May we humbly suggest a visit from an NFL player?

Meet Meagan Cusack. She'll soon be marrying Will Sakellaris, and she decided to throw him a little surprise party. Will, a hardcore Eagles fan, thought he was attending a business lunch until Meagan told him to put on a blindfold. What followed next was a story Will will be boring his grandkids with 50 years from now.

Will removed his blindfold to see none other than former Eagles great Brian Dawkins looming over him. But since Will's not a receiver, Dawkins didn't knock him to the ground, which is probably for the best. They embraced, shared high-fives, and chatted for an hour about Dawkins' days as a defensive mainstay with the Eagles.

Nice story, huh? Between this and the Texas bride who wrangled J.J. Watt into a visit, the rest of you brides-to-be are going to have to up your game. The bar is high now.

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