Brett Keisel travels by tractor these days

I really wish that Pepper Leach could've been around when Brett Keisel showed up at Steelers training camp Wednesday (this link contains naughty language).

Keisel decided to arrive by way of the gigantic front-loading Kubota tractor you see above. If you're thinking something like, "That must have been terribly inconvenient for anyone else trying to travel on the same roads he was on," you would be absolutely correct. Via Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

[Keisel] said he drove the tractor about 20 miles Wednesday, including up Route 30 into Latrobe. Along the way, he received some strange glances from other drivers.

"It took me maybe an hour," he said. "I got some looks. People were like, 'What is this guy doing?'"

Keisel's got a love of tractors that goes back to his Wyoming childhood. He's got a pal in the area that allows him to use his tractors for … I don't know, whatever Brett Keisel might use a tractor for. Showing up for training camp and annoying motorists, apparently.

That wasn't the only unique thing about Keisel's look, though.

His beard, once mighty and once shorn, is coming back for 2012 with a vengeance. It's already got about a two-month growth, and I'm sure it won't feel warm or itchy at all in the Latrobe summer heat.

Keisel wore a special T-shirt, too, depicting his kneeling archer sack dance, alongside the words, "HUNT FOR VII," in reference to the Steelers' quest for a seventh career franchise Super Bowl victory. No one can accuse Brett Keisel of not making an entrance.