Brett Favre's wife doesn't want to talk about it either

Deanna Favre made a quick promotional tour on Thursday morning for her new book, visiting "FOX and Friends" and "Good Morning America." It's the first time the wife of Brett Favre(notes) has spoken in public since her husband was accused of sending salicious text messages to a fellow Jets employee in 2008.

Much like the ol' gunslinger, Deanna played it close to the vest. She deflected questions about the ongoing investigation and managed to deftly turn the most difficult (and obvious question) of the morning into a pitch for her book.

Deanna was asked how she was handling the allegations against her husband:

"Well, I won't go into anything personal, but faith really is my crutch. It's always been my crutch. It gets me through. It got me through many struggles, as you can read in 'The Cure for the Chronic Life,' and that's the reason Shane and I wrote this book."

In the book, Favre and hemophiliac pastor Shane Stanford lay out a 40-day plan that is intended to help readers cope with chronic conditions. It's Deanna's second book.

Changing gears completely; I can't get over how much Deanna Favre and Jenn Sterger look alike.

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