Brett Favre shows off big beard on NFL Network, says talk about Peyton Manning's legacy is 'ridiculous'

Kevin Kaduk
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(NFL Network via @UKNFL)

Brett Favre Beard

(NFL Network via @UKNFL)

A bearded Brett Favre appeared on NFL Network Sunday afternoon and said it's "ridiculous" that anyone would judge the totality of Peyton Manning's career on the outcome of this Super Bowl. 

Favre, of course, is one of the few men who can relate to the position Manning finds himself in. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback won one Super Bowl and lost another but solidified his supersized legacy by compiling big numbers season after season. 

"I don't think he has anything to prove," Favre said of Manning before Sunday's Super Bowl. "I think the thought from anyone that he has to win this game [for his legacy], I think is absolutely ridiculous.

"Would he like to have more Super Bowl wins and he may have two after today? Sure. But I think what he has done is unbelievable ... I think quarterbacks get labeled with wins and losses and it's unfair because it's a team game. Peyton can play great today and they could lose. He could play not very well and they could win ... Whether or not he wins this game, I dont think it has anything to do with [his legacy]."

Favre said that Manning's 2013 season was "the best year ever" and that he'd consider being on the sidelines if (and when) Manning breaks Favre's career touchdown record of 508 next season. The Denver Broncos quarterback currently has 491 career touchdown passes.

Favre conducted the segment from his home in Mississippi, where he's been busy coaching a high school football team to a state championship. He said he doesn't miss "getting hit," so Manning won't worry about any comeback rumors this offseason. 

As for the salt-and-pepper beard he was sporting, Favre had a simple explanation that many men might use. 

"I started it at the end of our high school football season. it's that transition from hot to colder hunting season and blah blah blah .. I just got lazy," Favre said.

"The only thing I've killed is time," Favre said when asked about his hunting season. "I must be the worst hunter. [My wife] Deanna said "If we were relying on your for food, we'd be starving."

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