Has the 'Brett Favre is retiring' cat been let out of the bag?

"FAVRE TO RETIRE" was the headline on a breaking news page at Packers.com. The page has been disabled since Chris Mottram at The Sporting Blog found it, but the page did exist, at least temporarily.

It could mean nothing. The Packers.com people could just be making sure they're ready to go if such an announcement were to come.

News sites do things like that from time to time. CNN.com has obituaries pre-prepared for people who are old and/or ill, just so they can have it up quickly when the person dies. And sometimes, someone will make a mistake, and the page will see the light of day. There's even a Wikipedia entry dedicated to the phenomenon.

I do it here, too. I've already gotten my "Redskins overspend wildly for a free agent" story ready to go. All I have to do is insert the name. Same deal with my next "Pacman Jones arrested for slapping a stripper" story. All I have to do is fill in the lady's name, be it Destiny, Glitter, or Cinnamon.

Or, it could actually mean that Favre's retiring. That's certainly a possibility. I'm not particularly excited to go through another off-season of the Brett Favre Retirement Shuffle, so I'm going to choose to believe that it's a mistake, at least for now.

If you're a Packers fan, though, it might be an appropriate time to freak out. We'll keep you posted.

Green Bay Packers’ team Web site says Brett Favre retires, quickly pulls it down / Yahoo! Sports
Favre Could Maybe, Possibly Be Retiring (Again) / The Sporting Blog

UPDATE: A Packers spokesman told 620 WTMJ radio in Milwaukee that "there's nothing to it," and that they prepare the story every year, in case Favre does decide to retire. So yeah, nevermind. Go on about your day.

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