Brett Favre is no longer a Wrangler man

"I'm a Wrangler guy. Always have been, always will be. I was wearing Wrangler long before I went pro and I've stuck with them ever since ... I gotta say, nothing beats Wrangler comfort." -- Brett Favre(notes) in the Wrangler commercial you'll see a dozen times Sunday.

Here's Brett Favre walking into the Metrodome on Sunday morning (courtesy "NFL Gameday"):

The bright lights of Minneapolis have changed Brett Favre. He's caught up in that Minnesota rat race and trying to look like a cool kid by sporting $250 jeans. There's something fitting in Favre trying to be fancy in the pocket both on and off the field, but this spurning of Wrangler feels the same as Michael Jordan showing up to an NBA game in Chuck Taylors. You've turned your back on your core constituency, Brett.

Most importantly (no, the jeans Brett Favre is wearing aren't the most important part of this post), Favre was limping heavily while walking in the locker-room corridor. Uneasy lie the legs that wear the designer jeans.

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