Brett Favre will chat with Jay Leno next week

Jay Leno returns to "The Tonight Show" after the Olympics, and he's got a great guest in his first week: Brett Favre(notes).

It should be awesome. They can talk about how they're both unable to exit a job gracefully, how they both hate the idea of stepping aside for someone younger, and they can both give tips on how to be disingenuous and loathsome throughout the entire process. I expect that Leno and Favre will get along swimmingly.

Sports by Brooks stumbled across Leno's guest lineup, and the bestubbled gunslinger is scheduled for Thursday, March 4, along with Matthew McConaughey and Lifehouse. That date, along with a few others, is marked with two asterisks, though it's never made clear exactly what those asterisks mean. My best guess is that it means "all guests are subject to behave just like kids out there."

It feels a lot like last offseason, where no one knew what Favre was going to do, but then he did an appearance on HBO's "Joe Buck Live" and cleared up absolutely nothing. Then we all went on with our lives. There wasn't much to it, really.

Lucky us, we get to relive it this offseason.