Braylon Edwards claims a bar cost him a $15 million contract

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards is playing this year for a contract that guarantees him just $1 million, which doesn't sound like such a bad thing.

He claims, though, that one team was ready to give him $15 million guaranteed, but backed out after a bar in Birmingham, Mich., made what were, according to Edwards, "false, misleading, and/or negligent statements."

The statements at issue are these, from back in early August:

Sunday, Edwards was allegedly at the South Bar in Birmingham. Reportedly two people in his entourage were arrested after roughing up some employees around two o'clock in the morning.

We're told the group of friends Edwards was with got into an argument with an employee at the nighttime hot spot that eventually spilled into the kitchen. There one worker was sliced with a knife requiring 14 stitches. Another was attacked with a fork.

Thankfully, at least everyone was able to avoid a spork attack. Here's a different version of what happened, according to the lawsuit, via the AP:

Edwards was attending a class reunion at the restaurant, was seated in the VIP section and "paid a South employee consideration for increased security and privacy."

Patrons at a nearby table began harassing Edwards and his group, and that restaurant employees "swarmed the area" and confronted men at his table, according to the lawsuit.

Edwards said he was directed out of the restaurant through a rear door, but was blocked by an employee wielding a broom handle. Edwards said the man rushed him, causing both to fall to the floor.

The next day, he received text messages indicating that unless he paid that employee and two other South workers "they would go to the press and file a complaint with police," the suit says.

Knives, forks, broom handles ... I'd just like to applaud everyone involved for not having a gun. I think that's our silver lining here.

I also hope the lawsuit proceeds at least to the point where we find out what NFL team was going to offer Braylon Edwards $15 million guaranteed. It might be worth it to that team to step in and help the bar out financially, so they can settle this dispute, and save the team that embarrassment of that knowledge becoming public.

Edwards also got popped for a DUI this offseason. He caught three balls for 27 yards in the 49ers season opener.