Brandon Weeden is the oldest first-round draft pick in history

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

How old is Cleveland Browns first-round draft pick Brandon Weeden? Let us count the ways:

• At 28 years, 195 days, he became the oldest player ever taken in the first round of the modern NFL draft.

• He's 48 days older than Aaron Rodgers.

• He's two years older than JaMarcus Russell.

• The man he'll battle for the starting role in Cleveland, Colt McCoy, is entering his third season in the NFL. Weedon was born three years earlier than McCoy.

• He was selected in the same MLB draft as Prince Fielder, Zack Greinke, Cole Hamels, Curtis Granderson and one of the main characters from "Moneyball."

• Will soon be celebrating his 10-year high school reunion.

• Almost definitely used a Walkman when at said high school.

Weeden was selected with the No. 22 pick by the Browns. He'll join third-overall pick Trent Richardson as rookies likely tasked with getting Cleveland back to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. Weeden is expected to enter training camp as the team's starting quarterback, especially in light of recent quotes from Browns GM Tom Heckert in which he said the team would consider trading McCoy.

The Oklahoma State quarterback didn't make our list of the 50 best draft prospects, but he earned praise from scouts for his quick release and accuracy.

Browns fans scared off by Weeden's age can take solace in one fact: He's not as old as Chris Weinke was when he was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2001. The Florida State quarterback was older than Weeden by three months, but went in the fourth round, not the first.

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