Brandon Meriweather follows through on promise to target knees, goes low for a tackle

Washington safety Brandon Meriweather said he would avoid the head shots that earned him a suspension by targeting opponents' knees, and "tear people's ACLs."

Meriweather showed early in his first game back from a one-game suspension that he was serious.

In the second quarter, San Diego running back Danny Woodhead caught a pass, and Meriweather went at his legs. Woodhead was fine and Meriweather made a tackle without handing out any concussions, but it still isn't what the NFL wants to deal with.

Eventually the NFL is going to have to figure out how to legislate low hits just as much as they enforce high hits. The furor that came about when Jets tight end Dustin Keller had his knee blown out on a hit by Houston safety D.J. Swearinger in the preseason will start again when another offensive player gets taken out low and suffers a serious injury. When Meriweather puts out a warning that he's targeting knees from now on, and the NFL Players Association incredibly puts out a statement excusing it by laughably saying it "knows" Meriweather is sorry for what he said, he is just flaunting that he can target a defenseless receiver's knees. Meriweather knows the NFL can't do anything to him because those dangerous hits are still legal.

Meriweather showed on Sunday with his hit on Woodhead that he's serious about his new approach of going low. Is the NFL and NFLPA serious about protecting offensive players against that kind of hit?

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