Brandon Marshall kicking up some drama with four-day absence and concerns about hip

There really hadn't been a lot of news out of Chicago this preseason, and for the most part the news has been positive. That's good for any NFL team, especially one in a big market with a new coach.

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Well, apparently receiver Brandon Marshall wasn't getting enough attention, so he decided to create some news.

Marshall, who has been traded by two teams despite great production, with each trade coming at a lesser return, this week took a mundane question about Jay Cutler and the offense and used it to complain about how his hip is bothering him. He had surgery on it this offseason. He then went on a four-day vacation, which the Bears played off as just your standard "personal reasons," although this never happens in the NFL.

Reports, including from, say that he had a scheduled follow-up appointment after hip surgery. This apparently takes four days. No matter, coach Marc Trestman excused it and said it was planned for weeks.

But Marshall being Marshall, there's smoke pouring out of this fire:

Here's where we'd usually run down Marshall's history, but the Internet has only so much bandwidth. Before he took off for his four-day doctor appointment, he wondered how he fit in Trestman's offense (“I'm still trying to figure out my role and my place in this offense,” Marshall said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “Trying to get healthy and we'll see where it takes us”) and where he is physically with his hip (“(S)ome people might think I need to be farther on than where I am, so it’s a little frustrating not being where I want to be right now and maybe being pushed a little bit," he said, according to the Sun-Times), but other than that, everything is fine.

At this point it's a good bet that Marshall will be in the lineup Week 1 and produce like he normally does. He just needed to grab some headlines before he does so.

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