Brandon Marshall has hope for the Bears, based on ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

The Chicago Bears are not doing so well right now, but receiver Brandon Marshall believes that he might have the answer to what ails the former NFC North leaders, who have lost four of their last five games and now stand at 8-5, a game behind the Green Bay Packers, and a game ahead of the Minnesota Vikings.

Before his Wednesday meeting with the local media, Marshall put up a sad little Christmas tree that played "Charlie Brown's Theme" on the press room podium.  And of course, it looked very much like the tree that everyone's favorite cartoon kids tried to dress up.

"Right now, metaphorically, our season looks like this tree. We're standing, bare and just ugly ... but there's still hope. As a kid, it doesn't matter how your Christmas tree looks -- you're still waiting for Christmas Day. You have hopes and dreams that Santa Claus is going to bring you the things you asked for. It's always a possibility, and where we stand today, our goal is to win the NFC championship, beat the Green Bay Packers, and win the Super Bowl. All that can still be under this Christmas tree.

"Whenever you're down, you've got to try and create some type of balance. So this is a perfect little thing for me to keep me going."

The Great Pumpkin was not available for comment.

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