Brandon Marshall will be allowed to wear green shoes by NFL, will simply be fined for it

The NFL, which is so protective of its uniform code that it fines players five figures for wearing their socks wrong, will let Bears receiver Brandon Marshall break the rules. He'll just pay for it when he's done.

Marshall wants to wear green shoes on Thursday night. He says it's for Mental Health Awareness Week. Green shoes are against the NFL's uniform code, but Pro Football Talk said the NFL will permit him to wear them if he pays the fine for it afterward.

The situation brings to mind when Peyton Manning requested he be allowed to wear black high-top shoes to honor Johnny Unitas after the Colts legend died. The NFL didn't allow it, and threatened that the fine would be higher than usual because he was denied permission.

The NFL usually doesn't let things like this slide. It will be interesting if this sets a precedent.

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