Brandon Lloyd gets a 15-yard penalty for throwing the ball at an official

Brandon Lloyd had a big impact on a Patriots playoff game, but it won't exactly thrill Bill Belichick.

After a pass to Lloyd was short-hopped to him and incomplete, he got up, took a few steps and in frustration flipped the ball at a game official, hitting him. That didn't sit well with the official, who threw a flag for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Lloyd hasn't had his name called much this year for the Patriots. Although he was supposed to fit in well with New England as a deep threat, he hasn’t had a huge season. He has just 911 yards and four touchdowns, averaged just 12.3 yards per catch and has been a non-factor many weeks. He stood out in the playoff game for the penalty. You don't see many penalties for throwing the ball at an official. The call came after a first down play from Houston's 16-yard line. The Patriots had to settle for a field goal after getting into the red zone.

While the penalty might have been a borderline call, it's not one the Patriots really want to be taking in a playoff game. Give Lloyd credit though - he made up for it by scoring a touchdown in the third quarter to give New England a 31-13 lead.

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