Brandon Jacobs gets $3.36 in the mail from a 6-year-old Giants fan

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You're 6 years old, and you love football. Specifically, you love the New York Giants and their big, bruising running back Brandon Jacobs.

One day, you hear that Brandon Jacobs isn't playing for the Giants anymore; he's playing for some other team that wears different colors in some other place way far away. You ask your mother to explain, and she tells you that the Giants just don't have enough money to keep Brandon Jacobs.

So you think to yourself, "Oh? Is that it? Money? All that we need to fix this is money? I have money! I'll send it to Brandon Jacobs and everything will be fine! Here! Here's money! All better!"

And this arrived in Brandon Jacobs' mailbox:

Jacobs shared the image on Tuesday via Twitter, saying that he cried and is considering paying the little fella a surprise visit. I hope he does.

Somehow, the $3.36 failed to void an NFL contract and get Jacobs back with the Giants. He remains a 49er, but hopefully, young Joseph has found a way to heal his broken little heart.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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