Bradying is sweeping the nation (for the next 48 hours or so)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Bradying is the distant, yet equally annoying, cousin of Tebowing.

The signature pose doesn't mimic the act of being a three-time Super Bowl champion, future Hall of Famer, happy family man and seemingly well-adjusted human being like Tom Brady; it recreates a woebegone pose that the New England Patriots quarterback was captured in during Super Bowl XLVI.

(Note: All shots of Bradying should be accompanied by the sad trombone sound.)

Like Tebowing and those Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee commercials, Bradying was sort of amusing the first time you see it, then will decline as it grows in popularity, bottoming out in the moment that a C-list celebrity like Kathy Griffin tweets about it and then officially dying three weeks from now when your mom mentions it to you during your weekly phone call.

We tried to find who started the trend but the quest proved fruitless, like the sports meme equivalent of identifying patient zero. Let us know who it was and we'll honor him or her by Giseleing (my significant other will scream profanities in your direction).

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Update: Via Bleacher Report, the first pics originated on Boxden.

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