Brady and Warner agree: Aaron Rodgers’ 2011 season could be the best ever

When the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants tussle on Sunday afternoon, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will continue a season in which he's played the position about as well as anyone … well, ever. Through the Packers' first 11 games, Rodgers has completed 260 passed in 326 attempts for 3,475 yards, 33 touchdowns, and just four interceptions. That 71.8 percent completion rate would be an NFL record for a qualifying quarterback, breaking the record of 70.6 percent set by New Orleans' Drew Brees in 2009. He's had at least two touchdown passes in every game this year and has never seen a passer rating lower than 111.4 in any single game.

Many of us at Shutdown Corner would opine that Rodgers is playing the position better than anyone else has ever played it, but as we're mere blogging schlubs, our opinion might not be taken to heart as quickly as the takes of some of the NFL's all-time best quarterbacks.

Well, mission accomplished. Today, the NFL Network's "Gameday Morning" program showed Tom Brady talking about Rodgers earlier in the week from Showtime's "Inside the NFL" show, and then turned to one of its own analysts, Kurt Warner, for his opinion.

"It's so impressive when you watch a team that can string together that many victories," Brady said of Rodgers, who hasn't experienced a loss since Dec. 12, 2010. "It really tells you what the character and makeup of the players on that team are. Getting off to the start they've gotten off to, and the way Aaron's playing … I mean, it's impossible to play the position any better than he's playing it right now."

Warner agreed: "Wow — high praise from Tom Brady, who, I believe, had the best season of any quarterback in history a few years ago with 50 touchdowns and [the Patriots] went 16-0. If you look at Aaron Rodgers, and you project out what he's done at this point, I will say that if he stays anywhere close to where he is right now, it is the best quarterback season ever. You look at yards? He's going to have more yards than Brady [in 2007]. Completion percentage? He's going to set a record there. Touchdowns, he'll be a bit below, but in interceptions, he'll probably be the best ever. You've got to project it out, and he's got five games left, but I've never seen anyone play the quarterback position this consistently.

"That's the thing most impressive to me — he's had a 111.0 quarterback rating or better in every single game … there have been no clunkers."

No clunkers indeed. And against a Giants defense that got dissected by Drew Brees last Monday night, there's no reason to believe the streak won't continue. Last time Rodgers faced the Giants, it was the day after Christmas last year, and he completed 25 of 37 for 404 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions.

If Rodgers continues at this pace, the argument over who has had the single greatest quarterback season will continue … and Rodgers will be right at the top of that discussion.

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