Bob your head to ‘Niners in Paris’

Throughout the years in the NFL,  there have been a lot of songs written by excited fans about their playoff teams. This one is the best I've heard.

Presenting, by San Francisco rapper/entertainer Ashkon, "Niners in Paris."

It is, of course, a cover of a similarly titled song by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Ashkon has made the track available for free here.

If the 49ers get past the Giants on Sunday and happen to meet the Ravens in the Super Bowl, there could be a little bit of a clash between Terrell Suggs and this song's supporters. The song makes heavy use of the phrase, "Ball so hard," a phrase of which Terrell Suggs is legally very protective. After all, he stole it fair and square from Kanye West and Jay-Z.

After the jump, my favorite lyrics:

At the 0:48 mark:

Ball so hard, let's stop Cruz. Manningham'll be locked up, too.
If you was hit like Pierre was hit, you probably gon' cough the ball up, too.

And at the 1:16 mark:

That Smith cray.
That Smith cray.
That Smith cray.

My compliments to you, Ashkon. Masterfully done.