Blaine Gabbert ruled out of Week 2 for Jaguars, so we have to ask the Tim Tebow question

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who has proven time and time again he can't play in the NFL, won't play in Week 2. Because of injury, not because the Jacksonville Jaguars have come to their senses.

Gabbert had his hand sliced open when he hit his hand on a face mask, and needed 15 stitches to close it. That means Chad Henne will get the nod. It's the rare example of a team experiencing a forced upgrade at quarterback because of an injury to the starter.

And with that out of the way, the question becomes, do the Jaguars entertain the idea of signing hometown hero Tim Tebow?

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The answer is probably no. The Jaguars have treated all mentions of Tebow like one would react to chewing on a lemon. There has never been any sign they would consider it. The Jaguars had to have known they were employing the worst starting quarterback in the NFL this offseason and still never seemed remotely interested when Tebow was a free agent, so why would this time be any different?

Well, this is as good of a reason as any (h/t to @DJatFolio for tweeting the picture):

And if you need another angle, @MeekThoughts also had his camera out:

Yep, that's an actual NFL stadium during a game. The Jaguars were losing 28-2 and the crowd had no reason to stick around, but still. There wasn't any reason to stick around. There probably wasn't much reason to come in the first place.

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Jacksonville is currently the worst team in the NFL. It seemed like it would be Oakland, but at least the Raiders showed some heart in Week 1. The Jaguars looked incompetent. And, again, take a look at those stadium shots. The Jaguars wouldn't generate a lot more interest having Tebow, who grew up in the Jacksonville area and became a college hero at the University of Florida?

Tebow hasn't shown he can be an above-average quarterback in the NFL, but the same can be said about Gabbert and the Jaguars have stuck it out with him. At least Tebow is interesting.

Jacksonville will select their quarterback of the future in next year's draft, unless there's another punter they really have their eye on. In the meantime, Henne is probably their best option. But if they did decide to generate some headlines and excitement (seriously, those stadium photos!) by signing Tebow, would anybody really be against it?

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