Blackout! Brief power outage halts Cowboys-Giants game

Apparently $1.6 billion doesn't go as far as it used to.

A complete power outage at New Meadowlands Stadium briefly delayed Sunday's game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. All the lights atop the NFL's costliest venue temporarily went black, blanketing the stadium in darkness.

It happened with the team down 26-6 early in the third quarter of its home game against its NFC East rival. A generator outside the stadium blew up, which led to the power issues. During the first outage, a few banks of lights went out, briefly stopping play. But a few minutes later, the entire stadium went dark and the game was halted temporarily.

Power was completely out for a few seconds, leading to a surreal experience for both players and fans, neither of whom knew what was going on. According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, there were fights in the stands during the outage. When the lights slowly began turning back on, the public address announcer informed fans of the problem and asked them to stay calm.

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After a 12-minute delay, play resumed. When the electricity turned back on, so did the Giants' offense. Held to six points before the outage, New York quickly scored two touchdowns to get back in the game.

Even after power was restored, there were remnants of the outage. The referee's microphone did not work and FOX's on-screen graphics were temporarily disabled. There was no on-screen overlay of the score, leaving viewers confused as to the score and time remaining. (What did we ever do back in the dark ages before the presence of the score?)

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The stadium had power issues in the past.

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