Bills propose that the official in the booth makes the call on replays, not the ref on the field

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Bless your heart, Chan Gailey. Bless your sweet, visionary heart.

Via Michael David Smith over at PFT, word is that Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey is pushing for a rule change that will enable an official upstairs in the booth to make the call on instant replays, instead of the referee on the field. This would eliminate the whole process where the stupid referee goes over to the stupid sideline to look at a stupid monitor, under a stupid hood, with his stupid face.

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The idea is that it will speed up the replay process, and thus, speed up NFL games. Nearly anything that helps us toward this end will be wholly embraced by me. Tell me more about your exciting plan, Captain Chan.

"I just think it would be a lot faster to get that done. I think it would take all that time where you have to go to the sideline, go under the hood — and there's some drama to that that maybe they like. But I don't know that that's necessary ... So I just felt like the game would flow faster if you didn't do that ... Who's got the best chance to get it right? The guy who's got the most views. But if they don't (pass it), they don't."


I know it's important to get the call right, but instant replay stoppages have become a scourge. It can turn any average, run-of-the-mill second down into the last minute of a tied basketball game when both coaches have all their timeouts remaining.

What we do now really is a silly process. It's silly to have that giant monitor contraption on the sidelines. It's silly that it gives the official more privacy than a fella in a private viewing booth at your local all-night. It's silly that we have to wait for the referee to jog back and forth to the booth.

There's no downside to doing things Chan's way. The guy upstairs can get started looking at the replays faster. It's his only responsibility. There's no reason he shouldn't be on top of everything, and already looking at replays of things before they're even challenged.

Embrace the Chan plan, owners. We all deserve the Chan plan.

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