Bills fans dug through buffalo dung to win tickets to Toronto game

Chris Chase

Apparently the Buffalo Bills are a tough enough ticket in Toronto that radio station listeners were willing to dig through a pile of buffalo dung to win tickets to the team's lone Canadian game next Sunday at the Rogers Centre.

Five contestants wearing gloves and goggles dug through the large, pungent metaphor of Bills fandom to search for two tickets to the team's Oct. 30 game against the Washington Redskins. After 45 seconds of digging, Nicole found the appropriate hidden canister and won two 40-yard-line tickets worth about $300 to the game at the old SkyDome. She'll also have to burn her clothes.

We would have embedded the video, but it's pretty gross thanks to the whole feces-digging and because the on-site DJ throws up during the competition. (Perhaps she was thinking of the Alex Van Pelt era.) If you have the stomach for it, feel free to watch the clip at our Yahoo! Canada blog "Eh Game."

In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and end this post now before my scatological impulses get the best of me and I start writing inappropriate, family-unfriendly commentary.