Bills center rages at rookie after training camp fight

Bills center rages at rookie after training camp fight

Fans aren't the only ones itching for the NFL season to get started. NFL players are starting to buck up, and it's high time to get them pointed at opposing teams. Otherwise, you have what happened Wednesday at Bills practice.

Bills center Eric Wood and undrafted rookie DE Bryan Johnson came to blows during a goal-line drill on Wednesday morning. And this was no ordinary melee; this one included pretty much the entire team, and ended with Wood threatening to kill a rookie. All in a day's work.

Here's the account of the incident from the Buffalo News:

Running back Fred Jackson had slithered into the end zone. The play was over, but the battle was not.

Before the fight could be broken up, tight end Scott Chandler had taken Johnson to the ground. Chandler's helmet also was torn off. An incensed Wood marched toward Johnson and yelled, "I'll f------ kill you!"

Video of the fight, taken from a monitor, is below:

Here's another angle, with some NSFW language, of Johnson (no. 67) stalking away from the fray:

Bills defensive end Jerry Evans was heard gloating about how three weeks in pads does strange things to a man. Bills head coach Doug Marrone was not as thrilled:

"It's not part of the game," he said. "Therefore, I don't want to speak about it. It hurts the integrity of our game the more we talk about it. That's how I feel about fighting."

Yeah, time to get the games rolling.

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