Billboard in Arizona begs for Peyton Manning

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I don't know which team will employ Peyton Manning next. But if his opinion is swayed at all by billboards purchased by mattress companies, the Arizona Cardinals may have just put themselves at the top of the list.

They've joined Miami on the list of cities smitten enough with Manning to put him on a billboard. Arizona's isn't as pretty as Miami's, but it does have a certain "designed by a mattress salesman" charm. R&S Mattress, as you may have gathered from the sign, is behind this. Their campaign is accompanied by a Twitter account and a webpage.

Earlier Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts held a press conference at which they announced the release of Manning. The surefire first-ballot Hall of Famer missed all last season with a neck injury, and with the Colts in possession of the first overall draft pick, they've decided to go younger at the QB position.

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Just last year, Arizona signed free-agent quarterback Kevin Kolb to a big-money deal, but didn't get the return on their investment that they were hoping for. Kolb played in only nine games, and wasn't particularly impressive in those nine, either. Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett offered up a verbal valentine to Manning on Tuesday.

Let the most fascinating free-agent chase in NFL history begin.

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