Bill Parcells says that your perception of Jerry Jones is all wrong

Jerry Jones' reputation is set and nothing, outside of maybe another Super Bowl or two without the team Jimmy Johnson built, is going to change it.

And you'd assume that based on what we think of Jones – meddling, unwilling to cede any power, an unqualified businessman making awful football decisions on a whim – that Bill Parcells would recoil at any mention of the Cowboys owner. Parcells doesn't seem like a guy who would take kindly to someone like that.

That's why it was a little surprising to read quotes from Parcells that praise Jones.

The interview from (and be skeptical of the team's site writing a positive story on Jones if you want, but it didn't force Parcells to say what he did) probably isn't what you expected:

“I liked my experience there,” Parcells told “It didn’t turn out perfect from a record-standpoint. I understand all of that. But I learned a lot and I enjoyed working there.

“Jerry and I are pretty good friends. I don’t know whether or not people know that. We talk a little bit. I wouldn’t say frequently. We talk a little bit. We talked recently. It’s good. And I’m close with Stephen [Jones], too. I enjoyed working there with the Joneses. They were supportive and tried to help.”

Parcells also directly addressed the perception of Jones and his management style.

“Oh yeah, definitely. I think it’s distorted,” Parcells said, according to the site. “I think there’s a definite misperception. I just think everyone thinks things are a certain way. I didn’t see it to be that way. I think Jerry is a good businessmen and a good listener. What you have to do is make sense to him. You’ve got to make sense to him. If he thinks you’re making sense, he’ll alter his opinion. I enjoyed him. I like him. I like him a lot.”

Parcells, who spent four years as Cowboys coach and will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, is famous for not pulling any punches. Is it possible the popular perception of Jones isn't exactly right?

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