An update on Bill Cowher's bedmates, a Penn State football blog, reports that Bill Cowher recently stayed the night in the home of Penn State athletic director Tim Curley.

What's that mean? Probably nothing. But wait, there's more.

The people also found a home for sale in Raleigh, North Carolina, that "matches descriptions of the Cowher residence." And indeed, in one of the pictures of the house, you can see a Steelers helmet.

The logical conclusion to be drawn here? Bill Cowher is leaving his family to pursue a romantic relationship with Penn State's athletic director.

Another possible conclusion to be drawn? That Bill Cowher's coming out of retirement to take over at Penn State for Joe Paterno. Of course, there's no indication that Joe Paterno's willing to retire, and there's no indication that Penn State's willing to fire him, but if you're looking for a bizarre rumor to distract you from FavreFest, it'll do.

I would support this move 100%, provided that Cowher brought in Kordell Stewart as offensive coordinator.

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