Bill Belichick would prefer NFL draft to be in April, just like the rest of you

Bill Belichick would prefer NFL draft to be in April, just like the rest of you

Bill Belichick and the fans are in lockstep. Over this one issue, anyway.

Based on the social-media outcry for the 2014 NFL draft — which was pushed back two weeks — happening too late for their tastes, the NFL is investigating moving it back to a more traditionally timed part of the calendar again. According to reports, we might not know where the 2015 draft will take place, but the weekends of April 23-26 and April 30-May 3 are the ones the league are more closely considering.

The New England Patriots coach said he's all for having it sooner rather than later.

"Yeah, of course," Belichick said, per the Boston Herald. "I mean, the sooner you have your players, the easier it is to start, not only getting them integrated into your team but also building your team. There are certain things you get in the draft, then you have to fill other areas of the team with veteran players or college free agents or whatever. When that process is going on, you can see every day you pick up the transactions, every team has got — not every team — but there’s probably 5-15 transactions on a daily basis. Of course, if you had the draft, you can move that whole process up. Whatever it is, it is. It’s not my decision, but I would go for an earlier draft, absolutely."

Belichick and the league don't often see eye to eye — and neither do Belichick and the fans, for that matter — but this is one the NFL might relent on.

Of course, here's a kicker ... see those dates we included above? Count 'em up. That's four-day cycles, not three. The draft expanded from two days to three for the 2010 event, and few have made a big stink about it.

But four days? Would the NFL consider spreading it out an additional 24 hours? Anything for the TV revenue, we get that, but there isn't a Michael Sam story to carry the seventh round, like, ever.

No one asked Belichick's opinion on a four-day draft. But there's always Wednesday, when he's due to speak again at Patriots minicamp.

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