Bill Belichick wore a hoodie to a golf tournament

Chris Chase

Bill Belichick can dress up when he needs to. Despite his affinity for hooded sweatshirts, the New England Patriots coach looks spiffy when he shows up for a Super Bowl press conference or goes to the White House or is out for a night on the town with his special lady friend. One would think that fashion decorum would translate to the golf course. One would think.

Days after the Pats coach lost his second Super Bowl in New England, he was at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am wearing a gray sweatshirt on the links. Golf fashion is a bit of a redundancy, but there's a certain decorum one should have when he steps onto the first tee. Kangaroo pockets are not among them.

That's a Pebble Beach sweatshirt, in case you couldn't read the writing. It's like Belichick got to the course, realized it was colder than he thought, walked into the pro shop and asked the guy behind the counter what he could show him in an embroidered hoodie.

This got us thinking: When else does Belichick favor the hoodie? Our investigation, which spans back 25 years, is below.