Bill Belichick can do it all; finishes a half-marathon in pretty good time




You'd think, with how prepared the New England Patriots are, that Bill Belichick wouldn't have time for anything else but football. Even if that's not the truth, he certainly gives off the public impression that he's a football robot.

It turns out, the coach keeps himself in pretty good shape.

Belichick, who is 62 years old, ran a half-marathon in Nashville over the weekend, according to The team's site had a photo of Belichick in action, seen above, and let's just say we're really, really, really disappointed he didn't run the race in a hoodie. And wouldn't you know, he ran it pretty well, covering the 13.1 miles in 2:36:46, a pace of about 11:58 per mile.

Belichick is not going to outrun Patriots receiver Julian Edelman anytime soon, but that's not a bad time, especially for a 62-year-old man. And especially for a man that age who has a job that eats up about 100 hours per week.

So he's the best coach in the NFL and finished a half-marathon. What the heck else does Belichick have up his sleeve to surprise us with?

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