How big must your 'beer balls' be to attend an NFL game?

I don't think the HBO Real Sports people intended for this to be a comedy segment, but I can't help but chuckle at some of the things they caught on tape (before the somber end, anyway) for last night's segment on drunken NFL fans.

There are the folks who puke on their way into the gate, the people who can't walk that far, the guy who hit the cop with the bottle, the guy who yells, "YOU FILTHY WHORE," and all the 20-something, overgrown frat-boy members of the Dead Tree Crew (and I wonder how many of these people really watch and care about the football game)... but by far, my favorite moment comes at the 2:55 mark where drunken Bills fans perform the "toss my shirt, pat my gut, suckle my man-nipple" ritual that I predict is about to sweep the nation.

Binge-drinking at NFL games is a serious issue, though ... I don't have (or like) kids, but I still believe a father should be able to take his son to a game without hearing the violent and profane wishes of a man who doesn't want Rex Grossman to walk again.

Host Bryant Gumbel deserves a lot of credit for putting together the segment, and at least asking the NFL about their hypocrisy in regards to such heavy beer advertising (even if they danced around actually answering it).

Part 1:

Part 2:

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