The best and worst from the New York Giants media day session

Shutdown Corner

The New York Giants held their Super Bowl media day session one hour after the New England Patriots finished. Shutdown Corner has an instant recap based on NFL Network's live coverage of the event. Check back later in the day for Doug Farrar's thoughts from Indianapolis.

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Maybe the one-hour break mellowed everyone a little bit, but the Giants media session seemed to lack some of the sizzle of the Patriots media day session.

I don't even like calling it "Media Day" ‒ I think a more appropriate title would be "The NFL Network's Annual Celebration of Deion Sanders." It's all a very Deion-centric production. We'll get back to Deion in a minute, but first, some other highlights:

Most sarcastic statement:

"Yeah, Matt Light. Please get well soon. I hope to see you on Sunday. You are one of my greatest friends." - Osi Umenyiora

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Most factually inaccurate statement:

"Eli literally put us on his shoulders." - Tom Coughlin

Best attempt to muscle in on Tim Tebow's territory:

"We have other passions in life other than going out and knocking guys' heads off. And one of mine is definitely my faith. I'm so glad that we've picked up the slogan 'All In.' It's not necessarily 'All In' on the football field, but 'All In' on life. And that starts with our belief in Lord Jesus Christ." - Justin Tuck on the Giants' "All In" team slogan.

Scariest quote:

"My plan is to go out there and be just as nasty as any player or any nasty person in this world. Just go out there and be one of the nastiest, most ferocious people you've ever seen in your life." - Brandon Jacobs

And now, the Deion highlights:

• Deion made sure to ask Eli if he knows that Deion sings his praises every Sunday on the NFL Network. He asked Antrell Rolle and Brandon Jacobs about his "I believe in Eli" song, too.

• Deion interrupted Victor Cruz when he appeared to be having fun with another reporter. They then had this dialogue:

Deion: "Are you smiling when you look at the Patriots defensive backs?"
Victor Cruz: "A little bit."
Deion: "You smiled right then!"
Victor Cruz: "You're watching film, and just naturally, you see one of their defensive backs is a wide receiver, and he's going to be potentially covering you, you automatically get excited."

• Tom Coughlin held up a finger and made Deion wait when he tried to interrupt another reporter.

• A Lindsay Soto highlight, too: While waiting to ask a question to Jason Pierre-Paul, she found herself frustrated at her inability to cut off someone dressed as a superhero for Nicktoons. While waiting, though, she did pass along that Jason Pierre-Paul is unable to spell "Umenyiora."

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