Best offsides penalty ever leads to worst flop ever

You know, if you're going to get caught offsides, why mess around with a twitch? Why not go full hurdle? That's what Ahmad Brooks did in the second quarter of Sunday's 49ers-Panthers game, combining unbelievable athleticism with extraordinarily bad timing. Here's another view, where you can see the other half of this beautiful play:

Yep, Cam Newton decided to go full Euro soccer player and flop to the ground like he'd gotten hit by a bus, fluttering his hands all the way down. His acting will win him no Oscars. Seriously, we've seen better flops by three-year-olds in grocery store aisles. Might want to work on that in the offseason, Cam.

Despite Brooks' gift, the Panthers were unable to push the ball over the goal line, settling for a field goal and ending up down 3 at halftime despite outplaying the Panthers in most phases of the game.

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