Best celebrations of NFL Week 8


(Whether it's a touchdown dance, a game-clinching reaction or just some player breaking it down on the sidelines, everybody can appreciate a good celebration. Shutdown Corner breaks down the best celebrations of Week 8.)

6. Wes Welker slaps hands with Zane Beadles – Channeling his inner Bobby Boucher, Denver Broncos guard Zane Beadles sprinted over to congratulate wide receiver Wes Welker after his six-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter of the Broncos' win over the Washington Redskins. Instead of doing the arm-hook thing that's so hot right now, or the played-out jumping butt-bump, Beadles went with the simple-yet-effective slap hands. Old school.

5. Jaguars' Mike Brown steps into the spotlight – Brown's receiving touchdown was one of the very few positive takeaways for the Jacksonville Jaguars in their 42-10 blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Even still, you may as well slap an asterisk on it as the TD appeared to be more a product of a blown coverage than anything. Still, props to Brown for the step-through-the-window mime routine.

4. Lance Moore's little diddy – The talented Saints receiver broke through the Buffalo Bills' defense on a skinny post for the first score of the game and then … Well, we're not even sure what to call Moore's dance. Maybe a bunny-hop airplane? Whatever it was, it was original.

3. Josh Gordon's tomahawk chop – Double points go to Gordon for his TD catch on Sunday in the Cleveland Browns' 23-17 loss to the unbeaten Chiefs. First off, the score was on a flea-flicker, which is always entertaining. Secondly, he celebrated the 39-yard trick play by doing the tomahawk chop to the Kansas City crowd. It didn't exactly play at Arrowhead, but he's got guts for trying it.

2. The Bernie Leaning Giants – Tom Coughlin's defense had plenty to celebrate in a suffocating 15-7 win over the rival Philadelphia Eagles. The unit held Chip Kelly's offense scoreless (only Philly TD came on a special teams error), forced three turnovers and allowed just 237 yards of total offense. After Will Hill's game-winning interception with 13 seconds left, Hill and fellow defender Antrel Rolle had a little fun on the sidelines with an assistant coach.

Giants celebration

1. Jim Schwartz headset spike – What would a week in the NFL be without a tantrum of some sort from the Detroit Lions' emotional leader? Nobody can say the celebration wasn't justified either after a ridiculous comeback win and an other-worldly performance from star receiver Calvin Johnson.