Best catches of NFL Week 8

Shutdown Corner

No. 5: Calvin Johnson's 87-yard catch-and-run – "Megatron" got a huge chunk of his record-setting 329 receiving yards on a single play, catching a quick slant pass and bolting 87 yards at the end of the first quarter to set up a Detroit Lions touchdown.

No. 4: Dez Bryant's catch-spin-run TD – Bryant got plenty of attention for his sideline antics during the Dallas Cowboys' 31-30 meltdown against the Detroit Lions, but what he did on the field deserves attention as well. Bryant's 50-yard catch-spin-run TD was something to behold and gave the Cowboys a 27-17 lead with 6:45 left.

No. 3: Calvin Johnson's leaping catch in the clutch – Calvin Johnson is pretty good. He showed that again on Sunday with the best effort of his career. But his 54-yard catch in double coverage was clearly his best catch of the day as his team had just went down 10 points midway through the fourth quarter. The Lions needed a bail out. "Megatron" obliged.

No. 2: Dez Bryant one-handed TD catch – Bryant's first TD of the Cowboys-Lions game was even more impressive than his second. Just before halftime Tony Romo threw a back-shoulder pass to Bryant, who managed to pin the ball against his pad and helmet with his left hand before reeling in the five-yard TD grab. With plays like that, sideline tantrums can be overlooked.

No. 1: Pierre Garcon's leaping one-handed grab – The Washington Redskins couldn't match the Denver Broncos blow-for-blow in a 45-21 loss on Sunday, but Garcon still provided the catch of the day in the first quarter.

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