Bengals sign Antonio Bryant, killing the T.O. + Ochocinco dream

The Cincinnati Bengals did indeed sign a free agent receiver, but it wasn't the one that Chad Ochocinco(notes) wanted. It's Antonio Bryant, who had a really good year once.

Chad wanted Terrell Owens(notes). He wanted him so badly that last night on Twitter, he volunteered to let Owens be Batman while he'd take the Robin role. He then he went on to cast the rest of "Batman" with various other members of the Bengals organization. Carson Palmer(notes) got stuck being Alfred, the poor guy.

Chad's taking the news well.

I admit, I'm disappointed that we won't be seeing Owens and Ochocinco on the same team. I try not to make it a habit of wishing for things that make Carson Palmer bleed out of his eyeballs when he thinks about them, but I honestly think this would've worked. Chad and Ocho could've helped each other.

I think they'd have been a calming influence on one another. If there's anyone on earth who understands what it might be like to be Terrell Owens, it's Chad Ochocinco, and vice versa. If they were together, I think the volume would get turned down a little bit on each of them. They'd keep each other in check, because attention-grabbing forces like that tend to cancel each other out. They don't multiply.

Anyway, it's Bryant that's a Bengal. After failing to fill his potential in three other cities, Bryant ended up with the Buccaneers, where he was a force in '08: 83 receptions, 1,248 yards. In '09, the Bucs tabbed him as their franchise player, giving him big money in the process, and with injuries nagging him, he wasn't anywhere close to the player he was a year before.

Owens remains available on the free agent market.