Ben Roethlisberger spent a gob on his wedding reception

I hate to tell you this, but Ben Roethlisberger had a wedding reception that cost more than most of us will ever think about making in a year (especially us lonely writers).

Big Ben, who got hitched to Ashley Harlan last weekend, went all out on his post-nuptial ceremony, renting out the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom for nearly 600 of his closest friends and family.

Price tag on just the space, that included 10 meeting rooms, a convention hall and all the parking spots at the place? $113,265. That doesn't even include a complimentary cocktail! Not to mention the pricey beef tenderloin and halibut on the menu, the floral decorations, additional security or transportation. The catering company alone used 150 employees for the festivities.

People are speculating at the actual price of the reception, with some guessing anywhere from $200 a head to $600 a guest, making the event anywhere from $223,000 to $473,000, meaning that Ben must really like this girl if he's tossing that amount of coin around to make it as grand as he did.

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Why is Spirt of Pittsburgh ballroom so expensive? Because of some the luxuries. Ben spent $3,018 just on heating and air-conditioning alone, and just under $1,000 on coat checks.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has more details:

Keeping the location of the A-list event a secret was so important that organizers listed the purpose of last Saturday's rental as a "movie production." Neither Roethlisberger, 29, nor his bride, Ashley Harlan, 26, is mentioned in the agreement.

"This was good business for Pittsburgh," Mark Leahy, the center's general manager, said on Tuesday. "I really have to thank the wedding party and the couple because they probably could have gone anywhere they wanted, but they chose to have it here in Pittsburgh."

The paper said more than two dozen Teamsters and carpenters worked to set up and tear down the event, and at least a dozen security guards were on hand.

I've heard of extravagant weddings (and have even been lucky enough to attend one), but paying over six figures just to rent out the spot seems a little insane. Still, the Steelers quarterback is set to make $12.75 million this year, so when you think about it, spending just under 1 percent of your salary on a spot isn't nearly that bad.

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